Mark J. Lehman

Coder, writer, and Saved by the Bell enthusiast.

About Me

From pushing back commercial airplanes to interviewing celebrities, I've enjoyed many different careers. The most fascinating one I've taken on so far has been coding.

I am currently an application developer and software engineer, pursuing a passion of continuous learning of new programming languages and techniques, and I am loving it. What really excites me about programming is the feeling of working on an elaborate puzzle and the satisfaction that comes when all the pieces fit together and the final picture appears.


I am a supporter and lover of open source software and other projects, and have contributed to several, in varying degrees of magnitude.

I also built many projects, several while learning web development. Most projects are built in a mix of Ruby on Rails, command line Ruby, and JavaScript.


I write a blog! Yeah OK, so does everybody else. Anyway, mine is filled with tips and tricks I've learned along my journey into code. I call it the Spaghetti Refactory.

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