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Hack your Rspec setup using tags

I ran into an issue in rspec the other day where I had a before block to setup about 10 different tests, but I needed to write one more that was similar enough that it belonged in the same context but it required slightly different setup so the before block I already defined.

What to do? I could break out the existing tests into a nested context block and use the setup there, then do another nexted context block for my new test, but I really didn’t want to do that because all these tests should belong in the same context. I just wanted to skip the before block on one specific test.

Rspec tags to the rescue!

In this case, my new test was a JS test and all others were not (which is partly why the setup was different. So, the test was already tagged js: true, and in mybefore` block, I modified it like so:

before(:each) do |test|
# Run this only on tests NOT tagged with js: true
if test.example.metadata[:js] == nil
# Existing setup code

Works like a charm, and I still have all my related tests within the same context like I wanted.

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